What to Wear

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What should we wear?

Here are a few general rules that apply to everyone but the kiddos:
1. Flatter yourselves. You know the clothes that flatter you best, take advantage of that. Whatever your size, height, or hair color, you’re created by the God of this universe, and he only creates with excellence.
2. Be true to your style. Honestly, the best photos are the ones where the individuals are just being themselves. So above all, wear an outfit you’re comfortable in and that accentuates your style.
3. Don’t be afraid of prints or bold colors. I know they may be a bit scary, but a flattering print can look great in photos. Try to avoid logos and designs on shirts, etc. (We don’t want you to look back on this in 5 years and shake your head!) To balance the print, add solids to your ensemble or someone else’s.
4. Avoid horizontal stripes and being too “matchy matchy”. Coordinating colors will look much better in a picture.
5. Accessorize!  Especially if you’re wearing solid colors or just want to spice up a casual outfit, scarves, necklaces, rings, and watches make for excellent additions.

Tip: Avoid “trendy” outfits you think you may look back on and cringe! 🙂

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