Jeremy & Rebecca

This was no ordinary couple’s shoot!  This was actually Jeremy and Rebecca’s first professional photo session. Why?  Because they eloped.  That’s right.  Eloped.  It absolutely suits them perfectly.  They got engaged “quietly” and only family and a few close friends were aware.  One Wednesday morning a few weeks later they ran down to the JP and got hitched!

This stuff seriously only happens in the movies.  Can you imagine the Facebook response when status’ changed to “married” and last names were changed?  It was brilliant.  So, of course for the shoot we had to return to the coffee shop, Monks, where the wonderful proposal took place along with sunrise photos to capture the fun and freedom of these two love birds just picking up and getting married.

Jeremy & Rebecca, we commend you for being awesome!

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  1. nothing better than a themed shoot 🙂 so much fun!

  2. love the styled shots with the globe, beautiful images! great work!


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