Hoover Maternity

Clint and Jennie are, absolutely, the most prepared expectant parents, EVER.  It helps that Jennie has a mom who started buying baby clothes before any of the kids were even married.  That’s one devoted Nina if I’ve ever heard of one!

I must admit, I am a devoted blog-stalker and when I discover a cool location from another photographer, I’m absolutely itching to shoot there!  While perusing McGowan Images blog, I saw an engagement shot at Adriatica in McKinney! OH MY!  As you’ll see in the following images, this place is STUNNING.  If you would like to take Jeremy and I back there, I’m completely on board!

The love between these two is so wonderful to see.   Isn’t this location stunning?  P.S. That house back there is ours. Just kidding.  Seriously though, I’m sure we could live in the far right-wing of the top floor and no one would ever notice.  🙂I tend to have a hard time remembering which photos Jeremy and I took individually, but this one I definitely remember.  Jeremy had great ideas with the sweet little girl’s shoes! Clint and Jennie kept their name choice a complete secret until they welcomed her into the world. Nina was not to keen on this idea, but I think they’d agree it was well worth the wait. This one is, hands down, my favorite of the day!  Look at their faces full of joy: Jennie is radiant and Clint is obviously ready to be wrapped around his sweet daughter’s little finger.

We dragged these two all over the place and poor Jennie was exhausted.  Thanks for being good sports and fantastic models!

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